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Celebrating the First People of Dominica!

The Kalinago, the first people to inhabit Dominica, are rich in culture, heritage, and strength. They are a major source of the island’s heart and spirit and have played a crucial role in the recognition of Dominica as the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

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Their unique story provides a deep dive into the resilience of the peoples of Dominica, showcasing a roadmap for sustainable development and climate resilience. Its preservation is, therefore, integral to the transmission of their ancestral knowledge.

Gabriel Abusada James

Through visual story-telling, we call on the history, experiences, and adaptability of the Kalinago, in order to raise awareness of their legacy and contributions to Dominica’s past and future. Let us celebrate the Kalinago People!

This story is produced as part of the Strengthening Sustainable Livelihoods in the Kalinago Territory Project (SSLR), supported by the India-UN Partnership Development Fund and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Kalinago Council and the Government of Dominica through the Ministry of the Environment, Rural Modernization and Kalinago Upliftment.

Gabriel Abusada James Peru